Gold Partner
Gold PartnerRiva Training & Consulting GmbH

Seminars, Simulation games and Consultancy

riva seminars are quite unique in as much as participants take center stage, contributing their individual skills and capabilities. Their knowledge and experience, coupled with our trainers’ expertise, lead to an intensive and long-lasting learning experience. Our simulation game-based seminars are interactive and convey even highly complex matter hands-on.
riva simulation games cover a multitude of business management and psychological subjects: From the foundation of an enterprise to the management of a production plant, from project management to handling profound changes within an organization. Specialized solutions for the insurance sector complete our offer.
riva, we are happy to provide advice on how to optimally integrate simulation games into human resources development and on using the games approach in your organization’s training and qualification programs. We also offer individual coaching to prepare managers for imminent career steps whereby emphasis can be put on professional or personal issues.

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Gold Partner
Gold PartnerRevas Sp. z o.o.

Experience business with Revas Business Simulation Games.

Simulation participants manage virtual businesses in 1 of 10 industries, matching their field of study, vocation or interests (e.g. car garage, hair salon, travel agency or IT services). They gain experience in making managerial decisions – they forecast demand, hire employees, purchase equipment and resources as well as set prices for their products. They compete against other teams gaining real social and entrepreneurial skills e.g. problem solving, logical thinking, data analysis, group work.

Simulations are designed for entrepreneurship, management, marketing courses as well as key competence training.

Revas Business Simulation Games are already present in more than 200 Polish and international schools, universities and companies with more than 8000 participants already using the simulations.

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Silver Partner
Silver PartnerCapsim Management Simulations, Inc.

The New Standard in Business Learning

Founded in 1985, Capsim is the global leader in simulation-based experiential learning solutions that measure and develop the critical quantitative and ‘soft’ skills needed in today’s business landscape. More than 1,000,000 participants at over 800 schools and corporations around the world have developed their business skills through Capsim learning experiences.
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Showroom and product exhibition

The ISAGA 50th Aniversary Conference will also feature a product showroom. This leading global conference will the perfect opportunity to advertise and offer your gaming and gamification products to the conference participants. Furthermore, the conference floor and showroom will also be open to public and business visitors.  

Allowing people to play your games and immerse themselves in the experience of the gameplay is the best way to promote your games and gaming solutions. Conference venue offers few hundred square meters of exhibition space in direct connection to the presentation halls, workshop rooms, and lunch and coffee areas. 

We have showroom offers tailored to any organization with our Silver, Gold and Platinium packages. If you wish to learn more, please download the offer from the button above or contact conference organizers.

Please note. The product showroom and exhibition will be the only opportunity to offer your products at the commercial level during the conference. The Product showroom and exhibition will run for 2,5 days during the conference.


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