August, 2019

50th Anniversary ISAGA Conference

Theme: Simulation&Gaming Through Times And Across Disciplines. Past And Future, Heritage And Progress

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The Final Program released!

The Final Program of the ISAGA 2019 Anniversary Conference is now available here. Although, it is a final version of the positioning of items may change due to unforeseen circumstances.  
We wish you a safe and pleasant journey. 

Honorary Patronage

We are proud to announce that The National Centre for Research and Development  has joined the 50th Aniversary ISAGA Conference with Honorary Patronage.


Honorary Patronage

We have the honor to inform you that the the Office of the Warsaw City Council takes honorary patronage over the  50th of the "ISAGA 2019" Conference.

Poland + Japan

ISAGA 2019 is one of the accompanying events for 100. Anniversary of of establishing diplomatic relations between Japan and Poland

We are proud to announce the the 50th Anniversary ISAGA 2019 Conference has given great honor of being one of the accompanying events for  100. Anniversary of of establishing diplomatic relations between Japan and Poland. We would like to thank you the Embassy of Japan in Poland and our colleagues from Japanese Simulation and Gaming Association for this honor and continues support.

Ministry of Digital Affairs

Honorary patronage

We have the honor to inform you that the Ministry of Digital Affairs takes honorary patronage over the  50th of the "ISAGA 2019" Conference.

Serious Game Design Competition

We would like to announce a Serious Games Design Competition for ISAGA 2019. Please visit link for the contest rules and details about submissions.

Submission deadline extension and new schedule

Due to large number of inquiries about the ISAGA 2019 50th Anniversary Conference, we would like to informal about the deadline extension and the submission schedule:
- March 30th - papers and extended abstract submission deadline
- April 30th - workshops submission deadline
- until April 30th review and decision on the submissions
- May 15th - workshops submission review and decision on the submissions
- May 30th- poster submission deadline
- June 10th - poster submission review and decision
The registration system will close at respective date CET.
Direct link to submission system https://www.conftool.org/isaga2019/

ISAGA Program Chair


Celebrating 50 years of continued excellence in research, gaming, facilitation, and game design, we are proud to invite you to contribute to and participate in a very special event. As part of the planned conference, we want to combine rich history with a view into the future of simulation and gaming. We want to celebrate and honor people who have created and contributed to this great society.

The conference activities will involve celebrations of the 50th anniversary and honor our heroes. The last two days of the conference will be devoted to the future of our organization. We also want to bring people together, and we want it to be the best of all SAGAs so far. The conference theme is very broad and acts as an invitation to present the diversity of simulation and gaming community. We would like to encourage contributions from across all scientific and professional environments.

isagaThe International Simulation and Gaming Association is one of the oldest communities of people involved in the domain of gaming and simulation, starting back in the 1970''s. Its members cover a vast knowledge and tradition in developing and using simulation, gaming, and related methods. Today, the community spans everything from traditional policy exercises to the latest in interactive technologies. ISAGA is highly relevant in this era of combining computer gaming, interactive media, serious gaming, new learning technologies and much more in a powerful mix to solve many complex societal challenges. ISAGA is pluriform in its focus, as the field of gaming and simulation requires a mix of views to be successful. Three disciplines, science, art and craft meet together in ISAGA. We focus on systematic, methodologically correct evaluation of gaming and simulation methods. We rise the important aspects of beauty and attractiveness of gaming and work on the crucial elements of actually designing, hosting and facilitating sessions with gaming and simulation. The annual conference is open to all people interested in our domain. The conference is the annual meeting of the simulation and gaming communities from all across the globe. In the 50 years of history, ISAGA Annual conference traveled to almost every continent and visited more than 30 countries.

Honorary Patronage

Ministry of Digital Affairs
100. Anniversary of of establishing diplomatic relations between Japan and Poland
City of Warsaw
The National Centre for Research and Development

Co-Organizing Associations

Fundacja Koźmińskich
Polskie Towarzystwo Badania Gier
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